Please join South Sound Go Club for our inaugural tournament on Sunday, May 20, at TerraCrux Games at 760 Commerce St., Tacoma, WA, USA.  (Free street parking on Sundays!)

Join us for 3 rounds of competitive AGA-rated Go!  $5 cash to play (to cover the room fee). No prizes, other than bragging rights.

Registration 9 AM to 10 AM.  American Go Association membership required (best if you join or renew in advance, though you can join on-site if you need to).  players2

First round starts at 10 AM.  Time control of 45 minutes per player, plus overtime (5 x 30 seconds Japanese-style byo-yomi*).  Later rounds start when the previous rounds are finished.  Bring a lunch (there’s a Subway sandwich shop nearby).

Contact us with the form below, or phone Tom (253-307-8515) or Mike (253-906-0095) for more information.


* Our time control — 45 minutes main time, plus 3 x 30 seconds byo-yomi — exceeds the AGA minimum requirements for rated games (which is 30 minutes + 1 x 20 seconds). I think I’m going to make a post on time controls, just because I find it interesting.


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